Prescription from the Tennis Doctor

DANIEL YOUNG is known around the Triangle as The Tennis Doctor. The 77-year- old Henderson resident has a relentless love of the game and has been teaching tennis for decades.

DANIEL YOUNG is known around the Triangle as The Tennis Doctor.

In 2018, he won a gold medal in the Down East Senior Games, representing Edgecombe, Wilson, Nash and North Hampton counties. Young now qualifies to play in the State 2019 Senior Games in September. He also qualified for the Nationals and will play in Albuquerque in June.

Young shares the following thoughts for those who love the game as he does and are looking to improve:

  • WONDERING WHEN TO SERVE DOWN THE CENTER? In doubles, serve down the middle. Balls served down the middle tend to come back down the middle because your opponents’ partner is in the way.
  • LEARN TO SERVE WITHOUT THE DRIBBLE. After losing an important point, many have a tendency to lose serving concentration by replaying that last point in your head.
  • AVOID DISTRACTIONS. Learn to concentrate. One way is by using pennies in your pocket. When you find your mind wandering off the match at hand, transfer one penny to the other pocket.
  • ALWAYS EXPECT THE BALL. Your opponent may want to win as badly as you. Stay alert until the ball rests against the fence. It’s not dead until it bounces twice.
  • DO YOU WANT TO WIN? Stay focused! Think about the score. Know the important points, especially the last point. Keep your eyes within the perimeter of the court.

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