I Love Sports!

Welcome to the premiere issue of Triangle Sports. Knowing that so many young people and adults in the Triangle share my love of sports, I was inspired to start a local magazine to highlight all the great athletes, coaches, teams and inspirational stories happening all around us.

Triangle Sports also will highlight how sports can impact a community in ways that extend far beyond the field or court. We will bring these stories to life, beginning right here in the pages of our inaugural issue.

My love for sports started at a very young age growing up in the suburbs of Chicago. My favorite teams were the Chicago Bears, White Sox, Blackhawks and Bulls. I had many favorite players, including Walter Payton when I was young and Michael Jordan when I was an adult.

Even though he didn’t have the largest frame, Walter Payton worked his tail off to become one of the best running backs in the history of pro football. He showed passion, strength and IQ for his sport.

In 1984, Michael Jordan was drafted by the Bulls and you know the rest. He led the Bulls to an unheard of six NBA Championships in the 1990s. Wow, Michael was fun to watch! I really miss the days of Michael and the Bulls dominating the NBA.

I took my love of sports to the field and to the court and started playing sports at a very young age. I was lucky to play football, basketball and baseball all four years of high school and also was able to play a couple of years of college football and baseball.

Sports taught me how to be disciplined, work hard and respect the coaches. It taught me to get along with people of different backgrounds, which is so important. It also gave me the competitive edge that I still have today in business and sports. It isn’t an exaggera- tion to say that sports made me a better person.

When my son Sam was diagnosed with severe autism at age two, I was disappointed that I couldn’t play baseball or basketball with him. And I wouldn’t be able to watch him play any team sports, which is any sports-loving parent’s dream. Until now! I’m pleased to say that Sam is now playing baseball with the Miracle League of the Triangle. This is the only sport Sam can play. He might not be able to hit the ball very far or catch, but he and his two roommates love Miracle League baseball. You can check out the Miracle League feature in our “Inspiration” department.

My daughter Sheley and I have a huge connection through sports. She played tennis at Athens Drive in Raleigh and set the school record for most wins. I am so proud of her. She watched every Bears and Bulls game with me while she was growing up. We still connect to this day while we text back and forth during each game. She ended up studying sports marketing and now is working for the NBA in New York City. Love of sports runs in the family.

I hope you enjoy reading our premiere issue of Triangle Sports. More importantly, I hope you will come away with some inspiration. Sports can connect us to ourselves and to others. I hope the articles here will motivate you to work out, share your talents and take part in sporting events with your family.

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