My Love of Sports Began Later in Life

Full disclosure: I am actually someone who became a sports fan later in life. Maybe part of that came from the fact that I grew up in Wisconsin during the 1980s when there weren’t a lot of exciting teams to get behind. Sure, I cheered on the Milwaukee Brewers when they made their one run at the World Series back in 1982, but other than that, it was pretty slim pickings.

Going to college in Green Bay in the 1990s changed that for me. Green Bay is a really small town that happens to have an NFL team that currently is entering its 100th season. A lot of those 100 years were pretty forgettable, but many of them were legendary. I was lucky enough to live there when they were ramping up to a period of success and victory.

The Green Bay Packers are truly part of the social fabric of that city, and that was the first time I started to understand that sports is more than just throwing a ball around. It is something much deeper than that.

Sports can offer inspiration to people of all backgrounds and ability. Sports can be con- nective tissue that gives common ground to people who may have very little else in com- mon. Sports can bring out the best in individuals and teach people how to work together for a common goal.

Unlike my memories of Wisconsin in the 1980s, North Carolina in 2018 is practically overflowing with exciting teams, dynamic athletes and strong cultures of winning. Everywhere you look, there are talented, hardworking athletes, coaches, support staff and fans. Each one of these people has a story. Many of them have lots of stories. It is recognition of those stories that inspired Triangle Sports magazine.

We are proud to launch this new publication to help tell the stories of athletes and teams right here in the Triangle. By telling and sharing these stories, we believe we can add to the tapestry of the community and do our part to bring the people of the Triangle even closer together.

Sports is built out of hard work, victory and loss. To be successful in sports, it is vital to understand and embrace each one of these things. In our inaugural issue of Triangle Sports, we have great examples of each.

In “Coaching”, we learn how victory drove and loss forged strength in former NFL running back Willie Parker and in former Duke star Jeff Capel. Both have taken the lessons learned on the field and on the court and now, as coaches, are passing their wisdom on to young players.

And there is much more to be found in our first issue. There are tips and science to help you perform at your best, stories of inspiration and success, and profiles of up-and-coming area athletes.

We hope you enjoy our stories. We are proud to share them. And we encourage you to join the fabric of our sports community. Email us and share your own tales with us for
future issues of Triangle Sports.

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Jim Schneider is editorial director of Triangle Sports.

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